Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to Get A Halo 4 Beta Key Generator

Hey guys, I know many of you guys can't wait for Halo 4 to be released, I can't either! Anyways, I know many of you guys are anxious to start playing the Halo 4 Beta, and really need a key. Well, you've come to the right place! Here you will find a keygen which you will be able to download and generate a key with. Once you have the key you simply redeem it in the Xbox Live Market Place and your all set! Heres are the steps you must do to get your key. If you run into problems go to step 4, which is the trouble shooting section it will show you how to fix your problem.

STEP ONE - Downloading the Keygen
Okay guys, the first step you have to do is really simple. All you have to do is download the keygen. You can get to the download site by clicking the big download buttons, or pressing the links below. Here are the links : 

To download the keygen click HERE 

To download the keygen click this download button

Once you have downloaded the file, you are ready to start generating keys to use. Simply open the program, wait for it to load, the hit generate. The key will automatically appear in the program and will be ready to be used. Here are pictures to help aid you.                                               

Hit the circled generate button to get your key

The highlighted part of the program is your key, keep this in a safe place

STEP THREE - Patching Your Key and Redeeming it
In order for your key to work you must patch the key. After you generate your key hit patch to patch your key. You should get a message saying that the key has been patched and it is ready to use. When you get this message you are ready to redeem your key! When you want to redeem it go to the Xbox Live Market Place and enter the key. Once you redeem it, enjoy playing your game!
You should get this message when you press patch, this allows your key to be used

Redeem your key in the Xbox Live Market Place to play it

 STEP FOUR - Troubleshooting 
 If your key does not work, then re-download the program, and generate the key it will work. If you cannot download the program, please wait 24 hours and download it again. Links automatically reset after 24 hours. Enjoy playing Halo 4 and if you haven't already download the keygen.
To download the keygen click this download button

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